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Start Your Career

Not just a job. Here at 24-7 Cars we support our drivers to ensure they can boost their earnings. From part time income on the side to those who have been here for years.

Be Your Own Boss

Ditch the meetings, the uniform and the 9-5 grind, you're in charge of your future now. You're in the Drivers seat the road is ahead of you, own today and deliver an excellent service for the local community. It all starts with an application to 24-7 Cars today!

Choose your Hours

Pick your shifts, It's up to you work as much or as little as you need, pick your hours. Find new freedom being able to make work revolve around your life & not your life around work

We're recruiting in Bedford

Drivers & Operators !

Looking to take the wheel on a new car-eer?

If you like driving, have good people skills and want to be your own boss.. Taxi Driving might just be for you! A surprisingly decent income can be had as a taxi driver in Bedford, and being your own boss has its other perks with the flexibility to earn when you need to and the freedom to focus on your family and free time.

Getting started as a taxi driver can seem like a daunting process, with council accreditation required and potentially some initial costs.

But support and guidance is available, for our would-be 24-7 drivers. When you apply we can discuss what we can do to assist you in getting on the road and earning.

More of a talker than a driver? Operator positions available. Great telephone & people management skills are a must!
Apply & we'll be in touch.



6-8 Seater Minibus


When selecting a taxi firm in Bedford you want a reliable, safe and speedy service that will get you where you need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. All at a reasonable price.
And that kind of outstanding service is exactly what we offer.

Speed of Service
Passenger Safety
Techology Investment

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The new way to book a taxi is here! We’ve spared no expense in developing an app that’s industry-leading, packed with features you’d expect form a premium app but presented in a modern interface that’s easy to use.

Passenger Feedback

Your feedback is important to us, in order for us to provide the very best service to the people of Bedford, positive feedback is great to see and re-assures us we’re on the right track. When we fail to meet our standards it’s good for us to see where we need to improve.