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24-7 Cars is a student-friendly taxi firm in Bedford, in fact we’re an official taxi partner of the University of Bedfordshire and work closely with the Student Union to make sure we’re offering local students what they need from a taxi service.



Home Safe

Getting home from a night out can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect, so why not pre-book your cab with us before you set out to make sure you’ll get home with no bother at the end of the night?

We’ve also made booking a taxi much easier and safer with the introduction of our app. You can use the app to book your taxi, get a quote for how much the trip will cost, pay online and use it to call your driver directly while keeping your phone number private (also available to phone callers).

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Enjoying a night out

Student Safety Tips

We all love a good night out but it’s important to remember to stay safe. Bedford is a lovely town but like any other but it’s important to remember that not everyone you might meet has your best interests in mind. Here are some safety tips as recommended by Bedfordshire Police & Bedford University to bear in mind to ensure you have a great night!

Girl with dreadlocks walking at night street of city.

Walking At Night

Stick to well lit and busy streets and try to walk home in a group, never on your own or better still pre-book a taxi with 24/7 Cars App or Give us a Call to get dropped off right at your door.

Phone, communication and travel with a woman at night in the city while talking on a call alone. St

Stay Alert

Do you walk along on your mobile or listening to music? You're advertising your valuable property, distracted and not aware of potential thieves. Don’t draw a target on yourself, be aware of your surroundings.

Pickpocket thief stealing wallet from woman handbag

Mind Your Bags

Keep them close to your body, secure the properly and try to have the opening facing your body. Don't make it easy for thieves and pickpockets.

Person insert card to automated teller machine. Cashing non-cash money by individual.

Cash Machines

At ATMs be sure to visually check the card reader if it appears to be damaged or tampered with don't use it. Always hide your pin and be aware of shoulder surfers!


If you’re short of funds don’t worry we can take card payments in all vehicles or provide a secure SMS payment link. We’ll also send you an SMS or App notification so you know which taxi is yours.


24-7 Cars FREE Taxi App

The new way to book a taxi is here! We’ve spared no expense in developing an app that’s industry-leading, packed with features you’d expect form a premium app but presented in a modern interface that’s easy to use.


24-7 Cars Bedford

When selecting a taxi firm in Bedford you want a reliable, safe and speedy service that will get you where you need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. All at a reasonable price.
And that kind of outstanding service is exactly what we offer.

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“No buses were available so I had to take a taxi home. Taxi operator was quick with taking my call and details. The taxi arrived very quickly in less than 5mins. Very pleasant ride and journey, driver was very good & got me to my destination safely. Would definitely use again. Many thanks. “.

Marielle Tolentino



Your feedback is important to us, in order for us to provide the very best service to the people of Bedford, positive feedback is great to see and re-assures us we’re on the right track. When we fail to meet our standards it’s good for us to see where we need to improve.